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Aladdin Presale | Aladdin Presale Tickets | Aladdin Presale Code | Aladdin American Express Presale

Who isn't a fan of Disney movies and their amazing soundtracks? Disney has produced so many iconic films over the past decades, and we all love and adore their soundtracks. What do we think of when we talk about magic carpets and music? Yes! We instantly think of Aladdin and its magical world of music.

Aladdin on Broadway shows are rare, and it's a treat for anyone who gets to see it. You can get Aladdin American Express Presale Tickets and Aladdin Citi Presale Tickets at our pre-sale-tickets website. You get the opportunity to witness one of the greatest musical shows of all time.

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The Aladdin movie came out in 1992 that took the world by storm in terms of international success. The movie was also remade and released in 2019, which also garnered global success. The soundtrack plays an important role in both the movies. Sign up for the show through pre-sale-tickets and get your Aladdin Ticketmaster Presale Tickets and Aladdin Amex Presale Tickets.

Aladdin is a musical show inspired by the original movie "Aladdin". The global premiere of Aladdin was held at 5th Avenue of Seattle. After the show premiered and attained success in states like Utah and Missouri, it has gone on to extend its show to different states as well as countries. The show has extended to countries like UK, Germany, Japan, and New Zealand. 

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The story of Aladdin takes place in a small locality in the middle-eastern kingdom situated in Agrabah. A Rat is granted three wishes by a genie after finding a missing lamp. Aladdin uses the lamp to his advantage for a good cause and tries to win the heart of Princess Jasmine. Jafar and Sultan's Royal Vizier plans an evil scheme to steal the lamp and the throne.

The show has Act I & Act II. Act I consists of "Overture," "Arabian Nights," "One Jump Ahead," "Proud of You My Boy," "These Palace Walls," "Babkak, Omar, Aladdin, Kassim," "A Million Miles Away," "Diamond In The Rough," "Friend Like Me," "Act I Finale. You can get your Aladdin Presale Tickets and Aladdin Presale Code on pre-sale-tickets.

Act II consists of "Entr'acte," "A Whole New World," "High Adventure," "Somebody's Got Your Back," "Proud of Your Boy (Reprise II)," "Prince Ali (Reprise)," "Finale Ultimo (Arabian Nights (Reprise)/ A Whole New World (Reprise)),". We want you to witness this amazing stage musical by getting your Aladdin Fan Club Presale Tickets only on our website.

Aladdin has six productions around the world, with over 10+ million audience members worldwide. The costumes used in the stage musical are well-crafted and expensive. It has more than 8,644 Swarovski Crystals in a single costume worn by the actors. The show also has over 84 special effects including a flying magic carpet.

The Aladdin musical show has also been put up for five Tony Awards. The musical also won the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Featured Actor. This production was for a Musical for James Monroe Iglehart. The musical was also nominated for the Best Musical Theater Album at the Grammys. You may also enjoy top broadway acts such as Wicked or Frozen.

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