Amos Lee
Amos Lee

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It's hard to find a modest star in the modern world. But there is somebody who can prove that a humble celebrity still exists. A silky smooth personality on a great body with a remarkable singing voice. That's how one would describe Amos Lee. No one will even believe that Lee was a school teacher before he started his musical career.


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Amos Lee

Amos Lee was born as Ryan Anthony Massaro, on June 20, 1977, in Philadelphia. He is a singer and songwriter based in America. The genres of his songs mostly include rock, soul, and folk. He graduated from the University of South Carolina with an English degree. Before he started his career as a musician, he has worked as a schoolteacher and bartender. Lee's manager, Bill Eib, helped him secure a record label with Blue Note Records, where he formed an association with Norah Jones.


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Works and Albums

Amos Lee released five albums under the Blue Note Records label and has opened for several artists such as Norah Jones, David Gray, The Avett Brothers, Jack Johnson, the Zac Brown Band, Adele, Dave Matthews Band, John Prine, Van Morrison, Merle Haggard, Paul Simon, Elvis Costello, and Bob Dylan. The music of Lee has been featured in several movies and TV shows. He also performed at a voter registration convention for Barack Obama and even indulged in several films and TV shows. The 2011 album, Mission Bell, peaked at the top 1 on the Billboard 200 chart.


The seventh album titled My New Moon was launched on August 31, 2018. It was an instant hit and shot up at the top 4 on the Billboard's US Rock Albums. The album is more lively compared to the other albums of Lee, and it explores the subjects of desolation and resurgence. 


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