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Seattle Mariners
Seattle Mariners

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Seattle Mariners

The Seattle Mariners are a professional baseball team founded in 1977 in Seattle, Washington, US. The team belongs to the American League West division competing in Major League Baseball. In 1977, the team joined the American League as an expansion team and played in the Kingdome. In 1999, the Seattle Mariners moved to T-Mobile Park in the SoDo neighborhood of Seattle and had been playing their home games there ever since.

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Background and History

Up until 1991, the team had not seen any real victory, but in 1995, they won the division title for the first time by defeating the New York Yankees.

By the 21st century, the Seattle Mariners have risen to prominence winning 116 games in 2001, sharing the record-breaker of the single-season for most wins with the Chicago Cubs.

The Seattle Mariners are one among the other six teams who are yet to win a World Series title. The team is also the only team in the history of MLB to have not played in the World Series.


Top Players

The top players of the Mariners include Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, Randy Johnson, Jamie Moyer, Alvin Davis, Felix Hernandez, and Ichiro Suzuki. You may also like watching the Texas Rangers or the Miami Marlins play.


Championships and Titles

The Seattle Mariners won an American League record in 2001.

They are also the winner of three West Division titles.


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