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My Fair Lady

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Every movie is interesting to watch, and those with decent genres along with good actors, directors and fantastic scripts make it even better. For those who like the works of history’s greatest writers and novelists, it is even more spectacular and engrossing when their works are turned into films. One of those is My Fair Lady, a comedy, a musical drama written originally by George Bernard Shaw. At first, it started as a stage play in the year 1913 which was called Pygmalion. My Fair Lady American Express Presale tickets are available for purchase for those who wish to not only read the play but also watch this comedy-drama.


My Fair Lady was then adapted as a film by director George Cukor with the screenplays provided by Alan Jay Lerner. It was released in the year 1964 and the story revolves around Cockney with a poor girl whose profession was a flower seller. Purchase your My Fair Lady Presale tickets to watch this fantastic play into a film where all the characters come alive. The name of that poor girl is Eliza Doolittle and it all began after she overhears a statement from an arrogant professor named Henry Higgins.


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My Fair Lady which was originally an American stage play with the name Pygmalion from the year 1913 was written by George Bernard Shaw. It was later adapted into a film by director George Cukor with screenplay by Alan Jay Lerner. My Fair Lady Amex Presale tickets are now available for purchase at


The film begins with Eliza Doolittle, who overheard an arrogant statement from Professor Henry Higgins who was a Professor in Phonetics. Henry Higgins told Eliza Doolittle that he can teach her proper English so that she can speak fluently and not embarrass herself. This was to ensure that she will be presentable in high society during the Edwardian era in London. My Fair Lady Citi Presale tickets can be obtained to watch this spectacular play happen in your city.


After this incident, she starts imbibing lessons from Professor Higgins who is accompanied by Colonel Pickering who came all the way from India to meet him. Gradually, Eliza became efficient and prolific in speaking the high-class tone. My Fair Lady Presale tickets with My Fair Lady Presale Code are now available for purchase. You may also like Moulin Rouge or Miss Saigon.


Later in life, Eliza Doolittle couldn’t go back to her old life as she has already made an impression of her. An impression that she was of a high-class family and no one could ever identify an error in the way she spoke. At the end of the play, she left Professor Higgins to marry the man of his life leaving Higgins outraged and helpless. Higgins soon realized that Eliza had been an important part of his life and without her, he was not himself. However, Eliza Doolittle returns to Higgins’ house with the words, I wash my hands and face before I come, I did.


The film won 8 Academy awards, along with the best actor, best picture and best director. It was named as America’s 91 greatest films of all time and in AFI’s Greatest Movie Musical it ranked eighth on its list.



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