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Do you remember a Gorilla being a mascot for a basketball team? Yes, you’re right we are talking about the famous Suns Gorilla which became the mascot for the Phoenix Suns by accident. The Suns are a professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association of America. Book your Phoenix Suns American Express Presale tickets at and watch them live.


The Phoenix Suns have never won the NBA championship, but fans hope they would turn their fortune this time around. Support your team and book your Phoenix Suns Presale tickets on our website. Tickets tab on our website also includes Phoenix Suns Ticketmaster Presale tickets and Phoenix Suns Citi Presale tickets as well.



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The franchise was established in 1968 and has never renamed their team. The Phoenix Suns are a member of the Pacific Division along with four other teams, which is a part of the Western Conference. They played the NBA finals in 1976 against the Boston Celtics but couldn’t win it despite their impressive performance through the league. If you are a fan of the Phoenix Suns, then we might have a perfect offer for you. Book your Phoenix Suns Fan Club Presale tickets and show your support.


Though the Suns missed out on the championship title, they have won the Conference title twice and the Pacific Division title six times. Steve Nash is considered as the best player to have played for the team, followed by Charles Barkley. The other notable players in the history of the franchise include Kevin Johnson, Shawn Marion, and injury-prone Amar’e Stoudemire. John MacLeod is considered the best coach for the franchise. Monty Williams took charge as the head coach in 2019. You may also like watching the Toronto Raptors or the Utah Jazz.


The Suns all-time win percentage comes at number seven in the NBA list. The franchise had a variety of talented players including 10 Hall of Famers and two players who were awarded NBA Most Valuable Player. The Suns faced several ups and downs in their journey, but their fans have an impressive track record of supporting them in numbers. To cope up with this colossal fan-following, we have Phoenix Suns Presale Code available on our website for those eager fans. 


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The Suns play their home games at the Talking Stick Resort Arena which has a seating capacity of 18,422.



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