Jesus Christ Superstar
Jesus Christ Superstar

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Many of us have come across the story of Jesus and his disciples. But none of us have seen them in real life, and maybe we never will. However, there is a musical album called Jesus Christ Superstar. It first started as a rock opera album until in 1971 it became a Broadway debut. Get your Jesus Christ Superstar American Express Presale tickets from now. 


The musical is depicted on the Gospels’ account of Jesus’ life during his last days. Most of the musical is interpreted through singing and there is less dialogue. Also, it depicts the struggles both interpersonal and political between Jesus and Judas Iscariot, of which none are recorded in the Bible. Grab your Jesus Christ Superstar Ticketmaster Presale tickets and get to watch this amazing live musical performed by the best artists. 


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Jesus Christ Superstar is a rock opera with music and lyrics by Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice from the 1970’s. The plot is divided into two, namely Act I and Act II. Since the musical play is not from the bible, it offers a free interpretation of Jesus and other characters. Get your Jesus Christ Superstar Citi Presale tickets and see it live when the show is brought to your area.


In Act I of the play, it starts with the disciples, Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Judas Iscariot, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus is worried about the outcome they may face from the Romans. Similarly, the high priests of Israel also thinks the same and thought that something ought to be done to protect the Jews from being seen as a threat. It also involves the scene where Jesus cleansed the temple after it was turned into a marketplace. The end of Act I is meted out with Judas accepting the 30 pieces of silver after he agrees to help the Pharisees to arrest him. Jesus Christ Superstar Amex Presale tickets is available for purchase if the Act I of the plot convinces you.


Jesus Christ Superstar Presale tickets can also be obtained at and get to watch both Act I and Act II live. In Act II of the play, it involves the Last Supper and how Jesus was arrested. It also shows the details of how Judas regrets his decision after helping Jesus get arrested. King Herod, Pontius Pilate are also portrayed in Act II of the play. Jesus Christ Superstar Presale tickets can be purchased along with Jesus Christ Presale Code. There is a tour for this musical every year and if you are a fan, you can get your Jesus Christ Superstar Fan Club Presale tickets ahead of anyone else. You may also like other broadway shows such as Jersey Boys or The Lion King.



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