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When we watch movies or shows related to comedy, then we think of an array of outstanding comedians around the world. Comedians such as Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Peters, Kevin Hart, Pete Davidson, Rebel Wilson, etc. are some of the funniest comedians, but there is one more comedian that never flows under the radar and always stands out with these great ones. His name is Gabriel Iglesias, and he is funny to the core, let me tell you that. You can watch him by getting the Gabriel Iglesias American Express Presale Tickets and Gabriel Iglesias Amex Presale Tickets now.

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Gabriel Iglesias was born as Gabriel Jesus Iglesias in San Diego, California, on 15th July 1976. Gabriel is an American comedian as well as an actor who does stand-up comedy. He has also appeared on numerous television shows and films, as well. He loves being in front of the camera ever since he was a little boy.

Gabriel's style of comedy includes genres such as Observational comedy, Surreal humor, Physical comedy, Self-depreciation, satire, etc. He touches on subjects such as Latin American culture, Race relations, Obesity, Everyday life, Pop culture, and Human behavior.

He has done voice-overs for a multitude of roles in Hollywood such as "Jimmy in The Nut Job," "Pepe in The Book of Life," "Clerk in Coco," "Rufus in The Star," "Cuatro in Ferdinand," "Sprinkles in Show Dogs," "Babo in Ugly Dolls," "Chuck in Blazing Samurai" etc.

Gabriel has also appeared on television shows such as "All That," "My Wife and Kids," "Last Comic Standing," "Family Guy," "Gabriel Iglesias Presents Stand Up Revolution," "The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange," "Key & Peele," "Narcos," "Modern Family" etc.

Gabriel Iglesias has received various awards under the city of El Paso, Texas. He also has the award of "Key to the City" and the "Beacon of H.O.P.E." Award from Operation H.O.P.E., which is a non-profit organization. You may also like George Lopez or Ellen DeGeneres.

Gabriel holds numerous stand-up comedies in different parts of the country. He is funny without ever being mean and can make the crowd laugh in a matter of seconds. You can also be a part of this experience and get the Gabriel Iglesias Ticketmaster Presale Tickets and Gabriel Iglesias Citi Presale Tickets now.

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