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RBD Presale Code & Tickets

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RBD Presale Code & Tickets FAQS



How to get RBD presale tickets?

You can get RBD presale tickets on pre-sale-tickets.com



How much are RBD presale tickets?

RBD presale tickets start at $64 and average $248. The highest presale ticket price is $1200.



When is the RBD presale?

The RBD presale starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday.



What is the RBD presale code?

The RBD presale code is CBSHOU26.



What is the RBD American Express presale code?

The RBD American Express presale code is 875464683.



What is the RBD fan club presale code?

The RBD fan club presale code is FC867433.



What is the RBD Ticketmaster presale code?

The RBD Ticketmaster presale code is TM23564.



What is the RBD Live Nation presale code?

The RBD Live Nation presale code is LN825262.



What is the RBD Chase presale code?

The RBD Chase presale code is C382622.



What is the RBD Citi presale code?

The RBD Citi presale code is XSKFN351.