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Not many rock bands make it to the top, while many don’t last long after reaching the top. It is difficult for bands to make their mark especially if they are not from America. Here is a band with 50 million albums sold worldwide and with a growing number of fan base in the millions. This band is none other than the Canadian rock band Nickelback. If you know the band and you are a fan, grab your Nickelback American Express Presale tickets and Nickelback Fan Club Presale tickets from


Nickelback is also considered as one of the most successful bands commercially from Canada. With 50 million albums sold and counting, the band is growing bigger and louder as their music is streamed and played by many worldwide. Purchase your Nickelback Ticketmaster Presale tickets before they run out. One of the band’s best selling song of the decade was “How you remind me” which was also listed as the best selling rock song. Nickelback was also named as the most successful rock group of the decade by Billboard in 2009. You may also like Michael Buble or Phish.



Nickelback Presale tickets from

Nickelback as a band started in the early 1990’s. They originally started as a cover band known as Village Idiot, covering songs by bands like Metallica and Led Zeppelin. In the years that followed, the band changed their name from Village Idiot to Nickelback forming a full-fledged rock band we now know as Nickelback. Nickelback Citi Presale tickets can be obtained to watch the band perform live when they come to your city. 


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Nickelback released their first album in the year 1996 called Curb. After the release of their first album, they re-released The State which is the second album of the band. It gained a huge commercial success along with their third album called Silver Side Up. Nickelback Amex Presale tickets along with Nickelback Presale Code can be obtained at


After releasing their third album which was called Silver Side Up, it became a huge success and the song “How you remind me” became a hit single from the album peaking both on the Canadian Singles Chart and Billboard at number 1. Nickelback released their fourth album in 2003 called The Long Road which also became an ultimate hit. The song “Someday” from their fourth album The Long Road was charted at number seven on the Billboard Hot 100.    



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The Nickelback presale starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday.



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