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Cats Presale | Cats Presale Tickets | Cats Presale Code | Cats American Express Presale

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Created by Andrew Llyod Webber in the late 1970s, Cats is a musical composition of the poems from T.S Eliot's, "Old Possum's Book Of Practical Cats", which was published in 1939. T.S Eliot's book is known to be one of Andrew's childhood favorite books which pushed him to compose music and lyrics. Cats have made Andrew Llyod Webber as the richest compose ever in theater history. You can even use the Cats Presale Code and make your purchase on our website.

The plot of Cats revolves around "Jellicles", a tribe of cats, who gather at an annual event called, the Jellicle ball and decide who amongst them will go to Heaven( a place called the Heavenside Layer) and be reborn. When this musical show first opened in 1981 in London, it relieved the West end from the crippling recession. Broadway owes its popularity to this musical, which lifted Broadway out of its financial turmoil back in 1982.  The show has won many awards like the Tony Awards and Laurence Olivier as the Best Musical. 

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Cats remain the No.4 longest-running Broadway show. It has been translated into numerous languages and performed many times all over the world. The trailer of a movie based on Cats by Tim Hooper has dropped and is buzzing fans and critics alike. The movie will star famous faces, such as Taylor Swift, Jason Derulo, Idris Alba, Jennifer Hudson, Rebel Wilson, and many others. You may also like Dear Evan Hansen or Dancing With The Stars.

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