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Pink is a popular name in the music industry with her lively and invigorating live performances, which are backed up by her dynamic voice to project her strong female messages. Not only does the singer provide entertainment with her voice alone, but she also implements acrobatics in her shows.


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Who Is Pink?

Pink was born on September 8, 1979, as Alecia Beth Moore. She is a singer and songwriter based in America. As a member of the girl band, Choice, Pink is no stranger to the field of music before LaFace Records signed her up for a solo contract in 1995. 


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Works and Albums

Pink has a total collection of 9 studio albums. She received her breakthrough with the release of her second album titled 'Missundaztood' (2001), which received worldwide recognition.


Her 2003 album, 'Try This,' was not as popular as her 2001 album; however it won the Grammy Award for the track 'Trouble' under the category of 'Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.'


With the release of her fourth album titled 'I'm Not Dead' (2006) and the fifth album 'Funhouse' (2008), she made an epic comeback to the top of the charts, producing hit singles like 'So What.' Her sixth album is titled 'The Truth About Love,' and it was released in the year 2012 and charted on the Billboard 200. The album contained her famous hit single, 'Just Give Me a Reason.'


The 2014 album was produced in collaboration with Dallas Green, and it was titled 'Rose Ave.' The following album 'Beautiful Trauma' was released in 2017 and produced the lead track 'What About Us.' You may also like Lil Wayne.



Collaboration with Other Artists

  1. Along with the Canadian artist, Dallas Green, Pink produced the album 'Rose Ave.' (2014).
  2. Pink featured with Kenny Chesney and released the track 'Setting the World on Fire.'



Awards and Nominations

Pink has a total collection of 214 nominations, out of which she bagged 130 awards.


She has been nominated twenty times for the Grammy Awards, out of which she won three, five World Music Awards, and seven MTV Video Music Awards. She was also nominated for the American Music Award five times. The other awards include Aria Music Awards, Billboard Music Awards, Brit Awards, and BMI Awards.



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