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Bringing back memories, The Waitress has had its share of influence in the post-punk scene of the music industry. Get a taste of old school and original punk rock music by listening to The Waitress live with The Waitress presale tickets. This band has found their sound in new wave and post-punk genres.


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The Waitress was a band that originated in Akron, Ohio, with Chris Butler as their primary lead and the vocals done by Patty Donahue. Chris Butler acted as both the guitarist as well as the songwriter for the band. Although Donahue passed away in 1996, this did not stop the other members from finding their path in the music industry. If you are lucky enough, you might get your hands on some The Waitress Ticketmaster presale tickets from pre-sale-tickets.com.


This band released two hit singles for which they are well-known; “I Know What Boys Like” and “Christmas Wrapping.” With the first song, Butler got himself signed with ZE Records which is an affiliate of Antilles Records. Although it did not hit the charts, it was a significant hit in the underground music scene. 


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Later after this hit, Butler brought together Mars Williams on the saxophone, Billy Ficca on the drums, Dan Klayman on the keyboard, Dave Hofstra on the bass, and Ariel Warner as a back-up vocalist. It was in 1980 when The Waitress made their debut at a concert on New Year’s Eve.


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So far, The Waitress released two studio albums, two EPs, and six singles. Out of the singles, their song “Christmas Wrapping” received silver from the British Phonographic Industry and also number 45 on the UK charts. 



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