Cleveland Guardians
Cleveland Guardians

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Cleveland Indians are a professional baseball team that joined the American League Central Division in 1994. They are a major league team that is based in Cleveland, Ohio. The Cleveland Indians presale tickets are not readily available because of their huge fan base. If you are interested to watch Cleveland Indians play live, you can visit and purchase your Cleveland Indians American express presale tickets.


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The Cleveland Indians were originally called The Grand Rapid Hustlers in 1894. They were a Minor league team and were based in Michigan. They became a major league team only in 1905 while they were called Cleveland bluebird. After several name changes, they decided to stick with Cleveland Indians in 1915. The team plays their home game in the progressive field since 1994. 


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Cleveland Indians are nicknamed as the tribe and the Wahoos. The team is currently owned by Larry Dolan, Paul Dolan, and Matt Dolan. They are managed by Terry Francona and Mike Chernoff.


The Cleveland Indians have won several championships, which includes two World Series titles, six American League Pennants, 10 Central Division titles, and a Wild Card berth.


Cleveland Indians have a record of being the only team in the American League to have the longest winning streak. The team has an unprecedented record of consecutively winning 22 games between august 24 to September 14, 2017. The biggest rivals of the team would be the Cincinnati Reds, Detroit Tigers, and Chicago White Sox.


The Cleveland Indians have two movies that took inspirations from them and were centered around the team's fictionalized versions. The movies are Major League I and Major League II.


Some of the Cleveland Indians' best players have been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of fame. Some of them are Elmer Flick, Cy Young, Nap Lajoie, Adie joss, Bob Lemon, Larry Doby, Joe Sewell, Lou Boudreau, Ralph Kiner, Billy Evans, and Sam Rice. The recipients of the Ford. C. Frick Awards are Jimmy Dudley and Mel Allen.


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