Shen Yun Performing Arts
Shen Yun Performing Arts

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Shen Yun Performing Arts came to be in 2006, and its aim is to revive and promote Chinese culture around the world which was wiped out during the communist rule. They are a performing arts company associated with the Falun Gong Association and currently consists of seven performing arts companies holding approximately 480 members.


When they first started out, they titled their shows as Divine Performing Arts, Holiday Wonders, Chinese Spectacular and Chinese New Year Splendor but now they go exclusively by Shen Yun, and as of 2020, around a million people have seen them perform live.


Shen Yun Performing Arts put out large scale dances incorporating tumbling skills, acrobatics, stance and forms. They give performances on Chinese legends and histories like Legend of Mulan, Outlaws of the Marsh and the story of Falun Gong today. In addition to Han Chinese dances, they also include part of Mongolian, Yi, Tibetan and Miao dances. 


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To accompany the dances tools such as Classical orchestra infusing Chinese instruments like suona, guzheng, dizi, erhu and pipa with Operatic vocals are used.  Three of their performers, Ningfang Chen (flutist), Mei Xuan (erhuist) and Guan Guimin (tenor) received the National First-Class Performer in the Chinese Ministry of Culture awards. In addition to their superb performances, they wear intricate, ethnic costumes with props according to the theme of their performance.


Shen Yun Performing Arts have toured all around the world and to name some few notable venues, the London Coliseum in England, the Kennedy Center Opera House in Washington D.C, the Palais des congrès de Paris and David H. Koch Theatre in New York. You may also like The Book of Mormon or The Chainsmokers.


Shen Yun Performing Arts consists of dancers, musicians, and singers who are well versed in what they do and have always put out artistic performances fused with Chinese culture. You can watch them live by purchasing Shen Yun Performing Arts presale tickets, Shen Yun Performing Arts Presale Code and Shen Yun Performing Arts Citi Presale Tickets from our website.



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