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Theatrical shows have been around for decades with live performances from different talented artists and live performers. Riverdance is also one theatrical show composed by Bill Whelan which mainly portrays traditional Irish music and dance. The show first started as an interval performance show for the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest. Shortly after some years, Riverdance was expanded as an official stage show by John McColgan and Moya Doherty which first saw its opening on 9 February 1995 in Dublin. Ever since its inception as a fully-fledged show, Riverdance has attracted over 25 million spectators, playing in 450 avenues worldwide which is also one of the most successful dance productions in the world. Riverdance American Express Presale tickets are now available for purchase. Get it now at www.pre-sale-tickets.com


The show is a three-part suite influenced by Timedance, traditional music which was recorded, composed and performed during the 1981 Eurovision Song Contest which was hosted in Ireland. Before it became an official theatrical show, Riverdance was performed during the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest’s seven-minute interval. To get a chance to see this live performance purchase your Riverdance Ticketmaster Presale tickets along with Riverdance Presale Code. You can use the code to apply in any given option in the inventory.



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Riverdance mainly consists of traditional Irish music and dance and was played during the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest interval before it became an official theatrical show. Ever since it first started its theatrical show, it has grossed over $1 billion. The video release for Riverdance in the year 1995 made it to the Irish Charts at Number 1. Tickets for Riverdance sell out faster than ever, so get your Riverdance Presale tickets now. You may also like Straight No Chaser or The Harlem Globetrotters.


 If you are a fan of Riverdance, purchase your Riverdance Fan Club Presale tickets to watch these spectacular performances by talented actors and actresses. Some of Riverdance’s notable early runs were February 1995, Point Theatre, Dublin, June 1995, The Apollo, London, March 1996, Radio City Music Hall, New York City. The genesis of Riverdance was influenced Eastwind, an album released in the year 1992 by Planxty band member Davy Spillane and Andy Irvene. The album is a fusion of Irish and Balkan folk music. Riverdance Presale tickets can be acquired to watch this theatrical show live before the tickets run out. 

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