Vancouver Canucks
Vancouver Canucks

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The pride of Vancouver without a doubt, Vancouver Canucks never fails to captivate the crowd whenever they get on the ice. Despite their highs and lows, The franchise is a treat for the eyes, especially when it comes to home games. Their passion for the game and the NHL trophy is evident in their games. Be a part of the energetic Vancouver Canucks by purchasing the team’s presale tickets from the website, Vancouver Canucks pre-sale, and stay updated and entertained.


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Vancouver Canucks, an American Professional Ice Hockey Team, is a member of the Pacific Division of the Western Conference. Initially joining the NHL league in 1970 as an expansion team along with the Buffalo Sabres.


Formerly known as General Motors Place, Rogers Arena is where the Vancouver Canucks hosts their home games. The magnificent Rogers Arena, with its official crowd capacity of over 18,910, is located in downtown Vancouver.


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Francesco Aquilini (also the chairman), a Canadian businessman, investor, and philanthropist, owns the Vancouver Canucks Franchise. Jim Benning acts as the Franchise’s General Manager, while Travis Green is the current head coach of the team.


Given their outstanding profile, the Vancouver Canucks has also accumulated numerous championship trophies over the years. Despite failing to win the prestigious Stanley cup, the Vancouver Canucks has so far won three Conference Championships, two Presidents’ cup trophies, and an impressive ten Division Championships. In NHL history, the Vancouver Canucks did advance to the Stanley Cup finals three times even though they failed to clinch the trophy.


The Vancouver Canucks and the Buffalo Sabers are the two oldest teams that are yet to win the Stanley cup. However, Vancouver Canucks has the record of a back-to-back seasons winner of the Presidents’ trophy(2010-11 and 2011-12).


With talented player drafts in the likes of Henrick Sedin, Pavel Bure, Doug Lidster, David Sedin, Kirk McLean, to name a few, none can argue that the Vancouver Canucks is always a joy to watch and is still a threat to any team.


Any teams that face each other in the playoffs for three consecutive years will despise each other. It is precisely the case between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Vancouver Canucks. These two teams make up the biggest rivalries in the league without a doubt. So, grab a seat at the Vancouver live games. Purchase the Vancouver Canucks Presale tickets at Pre-sale and live up to the excitement. Hurry!



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