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Cleveland Browns

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“Chomps,” “Swagger,” and “Brownie the Elf” sounds so much weird when we relate these terms with an American professional football team. Well! These are names of the mascot of the National Football League franchise, Cleveland Browns. In their 75 years of football history, the franchise has faced many ups and downs and, at the same time, gained the status of a dynamic franchise. Book your Cleveland Browns American Express Presale tickets from our website.


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The franchise was established in 1944 and based in Cleveland, Ohio. The name “Browns” was chosen as a tribute to their first coach and co-founder Paul Brown. The team is a member of the North Division under the American Football Conference of the National Football league. The Browns initially were a part of the All-America Football Conference but in 1949 joined the NFL.


The Browns have been very dominating throughout its history with four AAFC Championship titles and an equal number of NFL Championship titles. They were champions in NFL America Conference three times and have won eight NFL Eastern Conference titles. They have a total of 21 victories in different divisions and have 24 appearances in the National Football League playoffs.


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The franchise has a great history in terms of talented players. The likes of which include FB Jim Brown, TE Ozzie Newsome, WR Paul Warfield, QB Otto Graham, and RB Leroy Kelly. Paul Brown is considered an all-time leader with an overall track record. Other notable coaches include Hue Jackson and Bill Belichick. Art Modell, the owner of the Browns since 1961, wanted to shift the franchise to the city of Baltimore. He could not succeed and eventually formed a new franchise, the Baltimore Ravens.


The Browns have several rivals both in the Division and outside of it. Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, and the Baltimore Ravens. Other rivals include Detroit Lions, Buffalo Bills, and the Denver Broncos. The Browns play their home games at the FirstEnergy Stadium, which has a seating capacity of 67,895. You may also like watching the Jacksonville Jaguars or the Kansas City Chiefs.


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