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Chicago Cubs

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Chicago Cubs are an iconic National League baseball team. They are one of the major league teams that are based in Chicago. They are undeniably a successful baseball team, and so the Chicago Cubs presale tickets are not easy to get. There is always a rush when it comes to purchasing their tickets. For those who are interested, you can visit to purchase your Chicago cubs Citi presale tickets.


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The Chicago Cubs were formed in the year 1876 as a part of the National League, and they called Chicago White Stockings during that time. Their home field was West side grounds, and they quickly became one of the major team by becoming the first champion of the National League Pennant.


They changed their name to Chicago Cubs only in 1903. The current home field of the Chicago Cubs is Wrigley field, which is also known as Cubs Park. The home field has the capacity to accommodate over 40 thousand people. 


Thomas S. Ricketts, Pete Ricketts, Laura Ricketts, Todd Ricketts, and Joe Ricketts currently own the team. David Ross and Jed Hoyer manage them. 


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The Chicago Cubs has won several championships, which includes 3 World Series Titles, 17 National League Pennants, 5 Central Division titles, 2 East Division Titles, and 3 Wild Card Berths. The team also set a record by being the first major league team to have consecutive wins in the World Series Championship (1907 and 1908).


The team are nicknamed as the Cubbies, the Boys in Blue, the North Siders, the Lovable Losers, and the North side Nine. The mascot of the team is called Clark, and it is a young bear cub. Some of their notable players have been inducted into the National Baseball Hall of fame. Some of them are Grover Cleveland Alexander, Ernie Banks, Mordecai Brown, Johnny Evers.


Jimmie Foxx, Frank Chance, John Clarkson, Kiki Cuyler, Ferguson Jenkins, Richie Ashburn and many more. The recipients of the Ford. C. Frick Awards are Bob Elson, Harry Caray, Jack Brickhouse, and Milo Hamilton.


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