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Before its inception as a band, Jersey Boys and its members were in a popular Rock and Roll band called “The Four Seasons.” With four members in the band, The Four Seasons were really liked by fans and especially every rock music enthusiasts of the era. Get your Jersey Boys American Express Presale tickets to catch the best live rock performance of the century. Although originally called The Four Seasons, the band was nicknamed with various different names such as “The Four Lovers” and vice versa.


Before they were a band, the band members of The Four Seasons had various records and singles released in their early days. Some popular songs of the band include; “You’re the Apple of my Eye,” “Walk Like a Man” etc. Catch Jersey Boys perform at sold-out arenas by getting your Jersey Boys Ticketmaster Presale tickets and get lost in the melody.



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After having being performed as a band popularly known as “The Four Seasons” in the year 1960, the rise of other successful bands and their genres led to the decline of “The Four Seasons” and in the end, they had to end their career as a band. But after a decade or two, they resurfaced again but this time with a different name. This band was called Jersey Boys and was formed in the year 2005. They were less of a band and more of a jukebox musical.


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The Jersey Boys performed most of their old songs from their former band called “The Four Seasons”. The music and lyrics were provided by Bob Gaudio and Bob Crewe respectively. Jersey Boys Amex Presale tickets are now available for purchase at Jersey Boys Citi Presale tickets can also be obtained along with Jersey Boys Presale Code whenever they perform in your city.


Being a musical group, the Jersey Boys jukebox musical was presented in a form of a documentary depicting the music of the former 1960 band called The Four Seasons. Make sure to catch their live performances by getting hold of your Jersey Boys Amex Presale tickets faster than anyone else before it runs out. You may also like other broadway shows such as Jesus Christ Superstar or Cats.


The Jersey Boys also achieved the award for “The best Musical” in 2006 which includes four Tony awards and The Laurence Oliver Award for the best musical in the year 2009. Make sure you obtain your Jersey Boys Fan Club Presale tickets if you are a fan of their livelong music. For this musical show, the group has performed in many different countries at sold-out arenas packed with thousands of diehard fans.



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