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Sacramento Kings

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“Rochester Seagrams,” “Rochester Eber Seagrams,” “Rochester Pros,” “Rochester Royals,” Wait! Have you ever heard of these names before? Well! Some may do. We are talking about one of the oldest teams in American basketball history that is presently known as the Sacramento Kings. Want to see them in action! Book your Sacramento Kings American Express Presale tickets on


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The Sacramento Kings initially started as the Rochester Seagrams in 1923. The franchise originated from western New York in the city of Rochester and has witnessed a lot of ups and downs throughout the franchise’s history. The Kings come under the Pacific Division, which is part of the Western Conference.


The franchise was renamed Rochester Royals and won the National Basketball League in 1945.  With less exposure and low profit, the franchise moved out of Rochester and moved Cincinnati in 1957 with a new name Cincinnati Royals. Before we talk further, we may remind you that Sacramento Kings Citi Presale tickets are also available on our website.


The franchise has moved from one place to another in search of luck and profits before finally settling in Sacramento in 1985, which is the present base of the Sacramento Kings. Syracuse Nationals, which is the present Philadelphia 76ers, were the biggest rivals for this franchise. Cleveland Cavaliers was founded as a new team in Ohio, which resulted in new rivalry for the franchise, but that ended when they shifted to Kansas City.


Some of the top players for the Sacramento Kings include the likes of Oscar Robertson, Jack Twyman, Jerry Lucas, Mitch Richmond, and Bobby Wanzer. The franchise has hired a total of 28 coaches after joining the NBA. The most prominent coach for the franchise is Rick Adelman, with an excellent track record. As the excitement grows bigger, be sure to book your Sacramento Kings Amex Presale tickets today. 


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The franchise had different home arenas. Golden 1 Center is the present home arena for the Sacramento Kings, which has a seating capacity of 17,608 for an NBA game. Fans will be delighted to know that we have Sacramento Kings Fan Club Presale tickets as well.



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