Los Angeles Lakers
Los Angeles Lakers

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Few Franchises have been as decorated and successful as the LA Lakers in NBA history. Formerly known as  Minneapolis Lakers (1947-1960), La Lakers is arguably one of the greatest franchises that have ever graced the world of professional basketball. Valued at approximately US$ 1 billion, it is the second most valuable basketball franchise in NBA, according to Forbes magazine.


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Currently playing under head coach, Frank Vogel, La Lakers are based in Los Angeles, founded in 1947. Since 1999, LA Lakers has been playing its home games in Staples Centre arena, California(20,000 capacity). They have been playing in the Pacific Division of the Western Conference.


The franchise was officially named after Minnesota’s nickname, meaning land of 10,000 lakes. Jeanie Buss’s family trusts own the majority of the undertakings of this franchise, and rob Pelinka is the general manager.


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Over the years, this franchise has won a mind-blowing 16

championships(1949,1950,1952,1953,1954,1972,1980,1982,1985,1987,1988,2000,2001,2002,2009,2010) and is no stranger to past glories and domination.


After joining NBA, the franchise has appointed 26 different coaches. John Kundla was the first head coach who stayed on for 11 seasons and managed to win four NBA championships in the following five years. Overall, the franchise won 5 trophies with Kundla, 5 with Phil Jackson, 4 with Riley, 1 with Bill Sharman, and 1 with Paul Westhead.


The Lakers still hold the record for the longest NBA win streak, 33 straight games (1971-72). As impressive as it sounds, it was and is still a franchise that saw the rise and complete dominance of legends in NBA. Names like Jerry West, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Shaquille O’Neal, and Wilt Chamberlain needs no further introduction.


During the 1960s, who can forget the La Lakers making it to the NBA finals six times and being bitterly beaten each series by the Celtics, which gave rise to the well-known rivalry between the two. so, be a part of this massive NBA giants and be entertained but first check out your La Lakers presale tickets at pre-sale-tickets.com. You may also like watching the Portland Trail Blazers or the Sacramento Kings play.



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