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Anastasia has been quite the highlight for Broadway Shows around the world and not just in the United States. If you're into animated movies with intense adventure and action, then the Anastasia musical play will keep you fully entertained. You can easily get your Anastasia American Express Presale Tickets and Anastasia Amex Presale Tickets.


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Anastasia is a stage musical based on the Anastasia movie from 1997. Anastasia follows a movie about a young girl who escapes her town when an evil wizard Rasputin, spells a hex on the Royal Romanovs. After a few passing years, The Grand Duchess puts up a handsome reward for Anastasia's return. Two crafty Russians hold auditions and choose an orphan who looks just like Anastasia. They take to the Duchess for the reward, but little do they realize that the orphan is actually the real Anastasia.


The production of the music and lyrics are created by Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty. The book is written by Terrence McNally. Anastasia premiered on Broadway in the month of April 2017. The show runs for 2 hours and 25 minutes with an intermission. The musical is divided into Act I & Act II. You can watch Anastasia by purchasing Anastasia Presale Tickets and Anastasia Presale Code from pre-sale-tickets.


The show was also nominated for the Drama Desk award for Best Musical. Anastasia won the Drama Desk Award for "Outstanding Projection Design." Anastasia also won the Outer Critics Choice Circle Award for "Outstanding Projection Design." The show was also an Honoree for "Outstanding Broadway Debut Performance" at the Theatre World Awards.


Anastasia won some major awards at the Critics Circle Awards in Connecticut. The awards include Production of a Musical, Lead Actress in a Musical, and Choreography. The team also won Director of a Musical, Costume Design, and Design in Projection on the same night.


The Broadway Anastasia show has its US tour. The show also has toured in European countries such as Spain. Germany, the Netherlands, etc. The musical stage is also touring in places like Tokyo & Osaka in Japan. You can get the Anastasia Fan Club Presale Tickets from our pre-sale-tickets website. You may also like Hamilton or Jersey Boys.



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