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One of the hottest bands in the history of music, Bon Jovi tracks had been in almost everyone's playlist at least once in their lifetime. The influential band appealed to various age groups, and the release of their album 'Bon Jovi' in 1984 was one of the best selling albums worldwide and furthered the interests of their fans as well. You will often see the band's concerts crammed with fans from far and wide. Get your Bon Jovi American Express presale tickets and exclusive Bon Jovi Citi presale tickets and Bon Jovi presale code through now, so you don't miss their next concert.



Bon Jovi 

An American rock band started in 1983 in Sayreville, New Jersey, Bon Jovi consists of Jon Bon Jovi as the vocalist, David Bryan on the keyboard, Tico Torres as the drummer, Phil X on the guitar, and Hugh McDonald on the bass guitar. The band received high recognition just by the second year of its formation.

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Works and Albums 

During their career, the American rock band Bon Jovi released a huge collection of 14 studio albums, five compilation albums, three live albums, 5 Extended Plays, 66 singles, 14 video albums, and 71 music videos. 


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Bon Jovi is one of the bestselling bands with more than 130 million records that are sold around the world and have performed over 2,700 concerts in more than 50 countries for their massive fanbase.


The hit single 'Runaway,' which was released in 1984, was the band's first commercial production, which earned them modest success. Following their first hit single, they also released their album '7800° Fahrenheit' in 1985, achieving greater success. The RIAA gave a gold certification to the album after shipping 500,000 copies in the States.



Collaboration with Other Artists 

Bon Jovi collaborated with Paul McCartney in the track 'Love Song to the Earth.'



Awards and Nominations 

Since the beginning of their career, Bon Jovi has been nominated ten times and earned 4 Awards, which include the American Music Awards, Brit Awards, MTV Europe Award, as well as the Golden Globe Award. You may also like music by Bryan Adams.



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