Camila Cabello
Camila Cabello

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Camila Cabello rose to fame by being a member of 'Fifth Harmony', a girl group formed in 2012 on the X-factor (US). She is a Cuban American singer-songwriter born on March 3, 1997. Her sultry voice grabs a lot of attention and already has plenty of hits up her sleeve. 


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Camila Cabello left the girl group 'Fifth Harmony' to pursue her solo career. Prior to exiting the group, she created hits by collaborating with other stars like Shawn Mendes and Machine gun Kelly. The collaboration created hits like 'I know what you did last summer' and 'Bad Things'. These songs rose to fame and put Camila Cabello's name on top.


She became one of the top sought after female artist after hit releases. She debuted with her solo album 'Camila' became a big hit and reached No.1 at Billboard 200 charts. 'Havana' was her lead single in the album and this song grossed almost all charts and quickly garnered mass popularity in different countries.


In 2019, Camila Cabello collaborated with Shawn Mendes to produce another hit song called 'senorita'. This song topped plenty of charts and quickly became a hit song in many countries. Get your Camila Cabello American Express Presale Tickets at to make sure to have the best seat available for an amazing Camila Show. You may also like Selena Gomez.


At the age of 22, Camila Cabello is already a household name and has received plenty of music awards and nominations. Her next album "Romance" is set to release on December 06, 2019.



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