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Dermot Kennedy

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Dermot Kennedy whose full name is Dermot Joseph Kennedy was born on 13th December, 1991. He is of Irish origin, who is also a singer-songwriter and a musician. His genre includes, Pop, Rock and Folk and is currently signed to Interscope Records in the United States, and for the rest of the world, he is signed to, Island Records. Grab Dermot Kennedy American Express Presale tickets to take a peek, for what you see, will keep you coming for more.


Dermot Kennedy rose to fame after his 2019 single; “Outnumbered” was released where it got a BPI (British Phonographic Industry) Award. To watch Dermot Kennedy perform live during his upcoming events, get Dermot Kennedy Ticketmaster Presale tickets from the website In his 2018 and 2019 tour, he performed in U.S.A. Europe and Australia where all the arenas were sold out. To make sure you are not left out when he tours your city, grab Dermot Kennedy Citi Presale tickets and witness it live.



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Dermot Kennedy’s latest album which is titled, “Without Fear” was released on 4th October, 2019. He is all scheduled for his upcoming tour where he will be joined by other artists as well. Purchase Dermot Kennedy Amex Presale tickets. 


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From busking in the cities of Ireland, Dublin, Dermot Kennedy started off as a small player. At age 14, Dermot started writing songs, and by the age of 17, he was completely immersed in music. Dermot Kennedy Amex Presale tickets are up for purchase on Get yours now to see the boy who performed in small places and rising to be a man, performing in big sold-out arenas.


The New York Times during Dermot Kennedy’s 2018 SXSW performance, described his voice as, “grainy and melancholy that can crest with a howling rasp.” GQ Magazines also termed Dermot Kennedy as a singer, who has a rich and reverberant voice. For those fans, get Dermot Kennedy Fan Club Presale tickets to witness the strength and beauty of his voice and be left awestricken. Also, registered members can get Dermot Kennedy Presale Code on and apply it. Those in Canada can buy Dermot Kennedy Presale tickets before anyone does, as he will be performing in Vancouver during one of his upcoming tours. You may also like music by Ellie Goulding or Ed Sheeran.



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