Eric Clapton
Eric Clapton

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We always love some good old blues music as well as classic rock music from back in the day. When we tend to enjoy this type of music, we immediately think about Eric Clapton, who has trail-blazed the music scene from the 60s. You can get the Eric Clapton American Express Presale Tickets and Eric Clapton Citi Presale Tickets from our website.

I think it's amazing how a legend like him can still slay shows and perform with such energy even up to this day. We absolutely adore his classic rock songs and the iconic blues from the past. You can get the Eric Clapton Amex Presale Tickets and Eric Clapton Ticketmaster Presale Tickets to watch him perform live.

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Eric Clapton was born as Eric Patrick Clapton in Ripley, Surrey, England, on March 30th, 1945. Eric is an English musician and songwriter. He is also a record producer and has produced most of his songs by himself. He has been in the music business since 1962. His musical style includes Rock and blues.

He has released over 23 solo studio albums and two collaborative albums. Some of his albums include "Eric Clapton," "No Reason to Cry," "Backless." "Behind the Sun," "Journeyman," 'Rush," "Reptile," "Back Home," "Clapton," "I Still Do," and a Christmas album called "Happy Xmas" released in 2018. 

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Eric has also associated with artists in the likes of The Yardbirds, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, Cream, George Harrison, Plastic Ono Band, Blind Faith, Delaney & Bonnie and Friends, Derek & the Dominos, J.J. Cale, B.B. king, and more. You may also like the music by Rush or Fleetwood Mac.

Eric has achieved quite a number of achievements in his life as a full-time musician. Some of the important awards that he has won include the "Silver Clef Award," "BAFTA," "Ivor Novello Award," "Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award," etc. Eric has also won various Grammys for "Male Pop Vocal Performance," "Record of the Year," "Song of the Year," etc.

He also appeared numerous times on television on shows such as "Mean Streets," "Miami Vice," "Lethal Weapon 2," "Freaks and Geeks," "School of Rock," "Good Girls Revolt," "Rick and Morty" etc. You can watch him perform live by getting the Eric Clapton Fan Club Presale Tickets to gain access to the Eric Clapton Presale Tickets and Eric Clapton Presale Code.

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