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Greatly influenced by Johnny Cash, here is one Critically acclaimed singer and songwriter. It’s none other than Hozier. He never fails to bring out the blues to his music which makes one swoon and move along with the rhythm. To get enthralled and soaked with this moving music, get Hozier American Express Presale tickets.


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Hozier’s vocals can be best defined as the musician that sings the blues with an enticing soul and depth. Hozier has his gospel background and tours with the choral group Anuna. Hozier has a unique quality to his voice and music that pours over you like a stream. You can get the chance to listen to Hozier’s uniqueness yourself by getting the Hozier Fan Club presale tickets, which might not be available for long. 


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Hozier was born Andrew John Hozier Byrne on 17th March 1990. He is an Irish songwriter, musician, and singer from County Wicklow. Hozier’s music is a blend of Indie rock, soul music, blues, folk music, and contemporary R&B. The fusion and the mashup are what gives him the edge over other musicians. So, fans of Hozier better not miss out the limited Hozier Citi Presale Tickets if they are still available. 


Hozier’s 2013 single ‘Take me to Church’ has topped the charts in several countries. He has been nominated for numerous awards and has won! Hozier’s ‘Take Me to Church’ was awarded the 2015 BBC Music Award for Song of the Year. He has also won the Billboard’s Top Rock Artist and Top Rock Song in 2015 for the very same song and VH1 Artist of the Year 2015. You may also like Il Divo or Jackson Browne.


Hozier has performed with Annie Lennox and Tori Kelly. Hozier’s concerts are known to be electrifying by taking the music to a whole new different world. Get the Hozier Amex Presale tickets which might be available at pre-sale-tickets.com.



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Hozier Presale Code & Tickets FAQS



How to get Hozier presale tickets?

You can get Hozier presale tickets on pre-sale-tickets.com



How much are Hozier presale tickets?

Hozier presale tickets start at $68 and average $148. The highest presale ticket price is $902.



When is the Hozier presale?

The Hozier presale starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday.



What is the Hozier presale code?

The Hozier presale code is ZNSUE752.



What is the Hozier American Express presale code?

The Hozier American Express presale code is 8765434.



What is the Hozier fan club presale code?

The Hozier fan club presale code is FCLUB7655.



What is the Hozier Ticketmaster presale code?

The Hozier Ticketmaster presale code is TM97532.



What is the Hozier Live Nation presale code?

The Hozier Live Nation presale code is LN98643.



What is the Hozier Chase presale code?

The Hozier Chase presale code is C9286552.



What is the Hozier Citi presale code?

The Hozier Citi presale code is KFHHSDY56.