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JoJo Siwa

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Fans all over the world are buzzing over this teenage Youtube personality and dancer who has stolen the hearts of many. JoJo Siwa has taken over the internet world and keeps her fans entertained always. Her next show is coming up soon and that the last thing you want to do is miss it.


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Born on May 19, 2003, Joelle Joanie, a.k.a. JoJo Siwa is an American singer, dancer, actress, and a Youtube personality. She gained popularity among teens in the early 2000s. She first came under the limelight when she danced in the TV show, "Dance Moms," with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa. Thereafter, she rose to fame with her pop singles releases and appearances on TV shows on Nickelodeon.


She released her debut single, "Boomerang," in 2016, which was certified by the RIAA as platinum. So far, Siwa has released a total of 13 singles, such as " I Can Make You Dance," " Kid In a Candy Store." Her die-hard fans can take the chance to catch hold of JoJo Siwa Fan Club Presale tickets on our website. 


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JoJo has her YouTube channels, called " It's JoJo Siwa" and " JoJo Siwa TV," where she posts videos of her daily routine every day. She calls her fans " Siwanatorz," and she is known for her colorful, large size bows in her hair. She even released a line of bows in 2016 and accessories with JCPenney.


Her tour, "D.R.E.A.M," started in 2019. Her concerts are known for their colorful and dazzling lights, LED screens with colorful graphics. Use the JoJo Siwa Presale Code to score amazing discounts and offers on our website. You may also like Kacey Musgraves or Justin Moore.



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