Jonny Lang
Jonny Lang

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This American singer, songwriter, guitarist rooted in blues, gospel, and rock, has had five of his albums on the top 50 on the Billboard 200 chart and has even won a Grammy award for his song "Turn around." Jonny Lang is of Norwegian descent but was born in North Dakota, the USA, on January 29th, 1981. Lang's passion for music started off early on when at the age of twelve, he picked up his first guitar and started to play it from classics to modern hits. He then joined into a band named Kid Jonny Lang & The Big Bang. Fast forward two years, and he was signed into A&M records. You can see Jonny Lang live and buying tickets from Jonny Lang American Express Presale Tickets and Jonny Lang Ticketmaster Presale Tickets.

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Lang, since the time he began with The Big Bang, has been using his 1972 Fender made by the custom shop, changing it only in recent years to suit his growing style and taste in music. Lang married in the year 2001 to Haylie Johnson. The couple shares the same birthday and now currently resides in Los Angeles, California. Lang, a former refuter of Christianity, turned to its fold in the year 2000, following a supernatural experience of the Holy Ghost, which he described in an interview with Sarah Groves. Songs like "Only a man" and "Thankful" from his album "Turn Around" are rooted deeply in his newfound beliefs. 

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Ever since he was signed into A&M, Lang has released albums in succession. His first was "Smokin," which was released when he was 14 at the time, which was released independently. This was followed by "Lie to Me' on January 28th, 1997, then "Wander This World" 1998, for which he received a Grammy nomination. This was followed by his other album "Long Time Coming" 2003, with more connections with the soul genre. However, it was his 2006 album "Turn Around" that won him his first Grammy. You can watch this Grammy winner sing and perform live on stage by getting tickets from Jonny Lang Citi Presale Tickets and Jonny Lang Amex Presale Tickets. You may also like watching David Gray or Gary Allan live.

Jonny Lang has also had several appearances in Television and media. He appeared in the Drew Carey Show in 1998, David Letterman Show in 2003, Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival in 2004 and 2010. You can also see him live by buying tickets from Jonny Lang Fan Club Presale Tickets and Jonny Lang Presale Tickets to gain access to Jonny Lang Presale Code. Guarantee.

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