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MLB All Star Game
MLB All Star Game

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MLB All-Star Game

Popularly known as the "Midsummer Classic," the MLB All-Star Game is a professional baseball game that is held annually. It is sanctioned by MLB and competed between the All-Stars from the National League and American League. The starting fielders are selected by the fans, pitchers by managers, while reserves are selected by managers and players.

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Background and History

The first MLB All-Star Game was played at Comiskey Park in 1933. Initiated by the sports editor for the Chicago Tribune and Arch Wand, the game was held as part of the Chicago World's Fair. It was at first intended to be a first and last event; however, the success it brought led to the transformation of the game to an annual event.

Ever since the inception of the game, the managers from the earlier World Series teams managed the event. Players were lined to the NL and AL rosters for a couple of All-Star Games in 1962 and 1959. However, the format was soon abandoned. The MLB All-Star Game's popularity remained second to the Fall Classic for over eight decades.

The event usually takes place in July either on the second or third Tuesday. The reason for this is to symbolize the halfway point into Major League Baseball.

Both the NL and AL share an All-Star break, getting a break a day prior to the event and two days after the event ends. Several events and festivities take place around the time of the All-Star Game event in association with the event itself. 

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In 1945, the MLB All-Star Game as well the selection of players had to be abandoned because of the travel restrictions imposed by the Second World War.

From 1959 to 1962, two MLB All-Star Game was held each season. The latest All-Star Game was played at the home of the AL's Cleveland Indians called the Progressive Field in 2019. The 2021 and 2020 MLB All-Star Games are to be held in Atlanta and Los Angeles, respectively. You may also like the New York Yankees.


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