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Marty Stuart

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John Marty Stuart is a renowned American singer and songwriter in the genre of country music. He was born on September 30th in the year 1958. His style of writing is a medley of both traditional and the modern twists seen in rock and trance music.


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He is a self-made musician and began very early at the age of 12. The mandolin and guitar became his instruments of choice, and he learned to play them steadily. His performances were heralded with the group that went by the name of The Sullivan Family. You may also like New Kids On The Block or Nick Cannon.


In the year 1972, he struck luck when he coincidentally met Roland White, a popular musician from the band: Nashville Grass, who welcomed him to play with them on Labor Day. This was a major opportunity for young John. He slowly became an indelible part of the band as he turned fourteen.


After Leslie Flatt's unfortunate demise, the band broke up, and then John moved onto join yet another stalwart: Johnny Cash. The superhit compositions, namely: "Hillibilly Rock" and "Western Girls," became the crowd favorites, and people were humming them in no time. These chartbusters catapulted John to fame in the year 1985.


But, the real popularity came when he collaborated with Travis Tritt in the year 1991 for the song: "The whiskey ain't working." This, in turn, won him a Grammy in the category of "Best Vocal Collaboration" and also an ACM award in the category: "Top Vocal Duet." All of this happened in a matter of a year. His first album to hit the Golden record was also with Tritt, which is called " This One's Gonna Hurt you."


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