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Megadeth is a heavy metal sensation, hailing from the city of Los Angeles situated in California. The band consists of two prominent faces: David Mustaine(who plays the guitar) and the bassist: David Ellefson.


This band is a strong contender in the metal music circuit and gives good competition to the other stalwarts like Metallica, Anthrax, and Slayer. Their form of music has time and again romanticized major issues like warfare, death, political upheavals, and religion.


The band made its presence felt first in the year 1985 with the album: "Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!" under the record company: Combat records. This catapulted them to fame and not only shone the limelight on them but also the independent label that had taken a chance on them. Soon big record companies like Capitol Records were knocking their doors.


Through the years 1990-1992, the band gave out platinum-selling albums like "Rust in Peace" and "Countdown to Extinction." They caught the public eye further with their ginormous music festival called Gigantour, which began in the year 2005.


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They won their first Grammy award in the year 2017 for the famous song- "Dystopia" in the listed category: Best Metal Performance." To date, they have sold over 38 million records globally and continue winning hearts with their 12 Grammy nominations and platinum-selling albums.



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The Megadeth presale starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday.



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