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Michelle Obama

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Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was born in the year 1964 on January 17th. Though she is known the world over due to her husband- Barrack Obama, who was elected as the President of the United States of America, she herself is a very successful lawyer and writer. She upheld the title of being the first lady from 2009 to 2017 with dignity and integrity.


She graduated from the Ivy League schools of Princeton and Harvard with a law degree. She met her soon to become husband Barrack Obama in her brief stint at the legal firm: Sidley Austin. She then did a lot of pro-bono work and supported many causes as the dean and vice president of the community and external affairs at the University of Chicago Medical Center. 


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Michelle Obama has always been a role model for everyone and worked for public welfare throughout her time as the first lady. She never shrugged off her responsibilities and always voiced out her opinions on various issues like education, woman empowerment, poverty, hunger.


In the year 2018, she released her bestselling novel: “Becoming, which was a success globally. She has openly talked about the struggle of racism, which was faced by her family and the need to eradicate it from the roots.


Her doctrine of leadership promoting hope rather than fear has led her to believe that the masses require guidance and support and not false claims or pretentious behavior. She has always been approachable and maintained her image as the proud mother of two beautifully raised daughters. She continues to shine through as a beacon of hope for Americans. You may also like Peter Frampton or Phil Collins.


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