Miranda Sings
Miranda Sings

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Colleen Ballinger is a powerhouse of talent and panache when it comes to the performing arts. She devised a fictional character in the form of Miranda Sings who goes about singing and dancing to nonsensical tunes. The quirks of the figure are many and more and have been showcased by her on the YouTube channel that she has.


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The videos are about everything and nothing as well. She is continually ranting about all that's available on the social media platform. She has even done successful collaborations with the other YouTubers to increase the count of her followers.


Miranda's favorite punchline is "Haters back off!". The character justifies the means to an end where Colleen is doing so in an attempt to knock some sense in the unruly crowd who believe that by uploading a video on YouTube, they can turn into musical honchos overnight.


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From the statistics observed over the last year, Miranda's videos on YouTube have crossed two billion views, and there are ten million subscribers to the channel as well. Since the year 2009, the character has also performed live in various spaces like the cabaret and theatres situated in New York, London as well as many other major cities of the world.

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