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Monster Jam

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Operated by Field Entertainment, Monster Jam is a live sports event that started in 1992. The events of Monster Jam are usually held in North America, with some extra events in other countries. Event formats may differ in other countries when it comes to "Intermission" entertainment, but the main attraction of these events remain the same, that is racing and freestyle of monster trucks.


The events are held in multiple venues all over the US and Canada throughout the year. They take place during early spring and winter when southern baseball and professional football stadiums are generally free. Other countries that have had these events are Europe, The Philippines, Mexico, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, and Japan.


Monster trucks face off in two forms basically- freestyle and racing. Every event will have one winner. In case one driver wins both the events the same night, then the driver receives the "Double Down" trophy. Fans of these events can get the chance to watch the monster trucks by scoring the Monster Jam Fan Club Presale tickets. They are few in number so hurry up and grab them! You may also like WWE or AMA Supercross.


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Top drivers of the Monster Jam events in a year come together to compete at the Monster Jam World Finals. Popularly known as the "Super Bowl of Monster Trucks", the finals will have drivers taking part in the freestyle and racing championships.


Prior to February 2018, all the first nineteen World Finals were held at Sam Boyd Stadium in Las Vegas. But, the new format allows rotation of venues every year starting with World Finals XX.



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