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Nicky Jam

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There are a lot of genres in the music categories of music. From Rock to Metal to Jazz to Blues to Hip-Hop to Rap and lastly pop, you name it, it’s all there. Right from the streets of the U.S to sold-out arenas packed with thousands of people, music has a huge influence in the lives of many. So now, let’s introduce ourselves to another artist with a much different music genre, unlike the common ones we hear every now and then. Introducing Nicky Jam, a singer and a songwriter from America whose main genre is Reggaeton combined with the Latin trap. To watch and hear his music performances live, purchase your Nicky Jam American Express Presale tickets from


Although Nicky Jam is an American music artist, he is originally from the Dominican Republic. Nicky Jam started his career in the year 1994 and is still very much delivering lively performances. Soon after starting his career as a singer, Nicky Jam became famous and known for several of his hit singles. El Perdon, El Amante, and Hasta el Amanecer were some of his hit songs which put him to the top among the rest of the artists. Nicky Jam Ticketmaster Presale tickets are now available for purchase on our website.



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Nick Rivera Caminero who is popularly known by his stage name Nicky Jam is an American artist, singer, and songwriter. Nicky Jam was born on March 17, 1981, to a South American family. Nicky Jam was interested in reggaeton since his early youth establishing a name for himself right after starting his professional career in the year 1994. Nicky Jam Citi Presale tickets can be obtained to watch his spectacular performances whenever he performs in your area.


Nicky Jam first released his album in the year 1995 when he was just fourteen years of age. Even though the album could not win any awards or gain international recognition, it opened ways for Nicky Jam to become known as a famed and talented icon. After the initial release of his first album which was not a success, but it grasped the attention of some producers in the music industry. This gradually brought fame and success in his career as a singer. Fans can get their Nicky Jam Fan Club Presale tickets while it is still available for purchase. 


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After having a huge success and gaining recognition from the producers and artists in the music industry, Nicky Jam has worked with several artists and singers. Some of his best known associated acts were with artists like Daddy Yankee, Enrique Iglesias, Lito & Polaco, Ken-Y and Hector & Tito. Obtain your Nicky Jam Presale tickets along with Nicky Jam Presale Code before his performances begin at sold-out arenas. Nicky Jam has also been nominated for several Grammy Awards and other music awards as well. You may also like Ozuna.



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