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Magic! Comedy! Skepticism! These are the three words that Penn & Teller are known for. Who are they? Well! They are one of the best magicians in America, who got honored with the Hollywood Walk of Fame 2,494th star on April 2013. Comedy is the icing on their magic, which makes them irresistible, and their shows are hard to come by. Book your Penn & Teller American Express Presale tickets from now.


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Penn Fraser Jillette and Raymond Joseph Teller or more popularly known as Penn & Teller have been performing together since 1975. The two magicians began their journey with Weir Chrisemer on August 19, 1975, as a trio. They performed together as “The Asparagus Valley Cultural Society” till 1981. The trio got disbanded when Chrisemer left the show business. After the separation, Penn and Teller started performing as a pair.


They perform at The Rio, which is an All-suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The pair has different roles during their act. Penn keeps the audience entertained with his story storytelling skills and magic tricks, while Teller mostly uses nonverbal communication throughout the act. Book your Penn & Teller Amex Presale tickets from


Their magic act includes graphic tricks and political satire. Fans love their daring tricks which include Teller wearing a straitjacket and hanging himself over a spike-bed in an upside-down position, tractor-trailer running over Teller, and Teller submerging in water. The duo often reveals the secrets of conventional magic tricks but after applying their style to it.


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One of their most famous magic tricks involves the burning of the American flag. The flag is wrapped up in a United States Bill of Rights and set on fire. The flag burns out without damaging the Bill of Rights. You may also like Arcade Fire or Chris Tucker.


Besides magic, the duo has been a part of TV shows and written several magic books. Book your Penn & Teller Presale Code at now.



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