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“Daddy Gets Fit,” “Dressing Up,” “Cleaning the Car,” “Camping,” “At the Beach.” Confused? Don’t be, as these are some of the episodes of the British animated TV series Peppa Pig. This preschool animated series has gone theatrical and sets the stage on fire whenever they perform. Peppa Pig Musical is a massive hit among toddlers and equally in demand among their parents. Don’t miss this opportunity to meet your Peppa Pig Musical stars. Book your Peppa Pig American Express Presale tickets on


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The show aired on May 31, 2004, on major kid entertainment channels such as Nick Jr. and Entertainment One. Peppa Pig is produced by the animation studio, Astley Baker Davies and written by Neville Astley, Mark Baker, and Phillip Hall. The animated series is directed by the trio of Astley, Baker, and Hall, along with Joris Van Hulzen, who was involved in the 2011 series.


Peppa is an anthropomorphic pig who loves to spend time with her family and friends undertaking everyday activities. Peppa Pig Musical is the theatrical adaptations of this animated series, where you will be able to watch their life-sized characters perform live on stage.


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Peppa Pig has grown bigger since its launch, and many big companies are in an attempt to buy it, including the US toymaker Hasbro. A theme park is also established in the United Kingdom known as the Peppa Pig World. The Peppa Pig Musical has performed shows all over the world, including the United States, United Kingdom, and Asia.


Peppa Pig has won several awards and has been nominated in various categories. The series has won four British Academy Children’s Awards and has bagged the grand prize for Best TV Production in the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2005.


Peppa Pig is also a hit with gamers. Ubisoft developed two games titled Peppa Pig: The Game and Peppa Pig: Fun and Games in 2009-10 for hand-held gaming systems. Peppa Pig Musical is a one-of-a-kind live show which engages the audiences and elevates their experience. You may also like Alanis Morissette or Bill Burr.


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