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Poison has attained quite the stature in the music industry with their music, especially in the field of rock and roll. The group has been trailblazing the scene of metal music since the early 80s and still continues up to this day. The band has garnered fans from all over the world with their music and the connection they have built with their fans since day one. You can watch them live by getting the Poison American Express Presale Tickets and Poison Amex Presale Tickets now.


Poison knows how to deliver a great show, and this is evident from the past shows they have put up for their fans. The crowd loves them and has been for years with their theatrics and sick delivery of metal music live. You can now watch them live by purchasing the Poison Ticketmaster Presale Tickets and Poison Citi Presale Tickets from our website.



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Poison is a popular rock band from America, and they are also known by an alternative named called "Paris". The group originated from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, United States and has been present in the music scene since 1983. They specialize in the musical style of genres such as Glam metal, hard rock, and heavy metal.

The members of the group include Bret Michaels, Rikki Rockett, Bobby Dall, and C.C. DeVille. The past members of the band include Matt Smith, Richie Kotzen, and Blues Saraceno. They attained success and recognition within the mid-80s. The group has sold a whopping 45 million units of records. They also have over ten songs that have charted within the Top 40 of Billboard.


The group also has six songs that have reached the Top 10 of Hot 100 and also a number one charting single, which is the very popular "Every Rose Has Its Thorn". Their most popular album would be "Look What the Cat Dragged In" in 1986. Another one of their studio album titled "Open Up and Say Ahh!" also achieved worldwide success and earned a five times Platinum certification under RIAA. 


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The band has also been on various tours, and some of them include "Look What the Cat Dragged in Tour," "Open Up and Say Ahh! Tour," "Flesh & Blood World Tour", "Native Tongue World Tour" etc. You can also watch them live by getting the Poison Fan Club Presale Tickets to gain access to the Poison Presale Tickets and Poison Presale Code. You may also like Chris Tucker or Grace Potter.



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Poison presale tickets start at $62 and average $211. The highest presale ticket price is $784.



When is the Poison presale?

The Poison presale starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday.



What is the Poison presale code?

The Poison presale code is CBSHOU26.



What is the Poison American Express presale code?

The Poison American Express presale code is 875464683.



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The Poison fan club presale code is FC867433.



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