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Ricky Gervais

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A well-known actor, director, film producer, musician, stand-up comedian, and writer, Ricky Gervais, needs no introduction. Having made his mark in the entertainment industry and the world successfully, today he has become a household name. You can buy the Ricky Gervais American Express Presale tickets to catch his humorous and vibrant live shows. You can find Ricky Gervais Presale Code from us while available as soon as Ricky Gervais Presale tickets the minute it goes on sale. 


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Rickey Gervais was born on 25th June 1961 to French-Canadian father and an English mother. He has an upper second-class honors degree in Philosophy from the University College London. Today he is well-known for his contribution as the writer, creator, and actor for the British television series The Office. 


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He has done almost everything from music, radio, podcast, television, stand-up comedy, animation, talk shows, award shows, guest appearances on television series, concerts, etc. In all his ventures, he managed to enthrall the audience and bring about a convincing character that stayed on in the memory of the fans. 


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He has won many awards over the years which include Rose d’Or twice, five British Comedy Awards, Screen Actors Guild Award nomination, two Emmy Awards, seven BAFTA Awards, three Golden Globe Awards. You may also like watching Alter Bridge or Sinbad.


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