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A name widely popular in the Latin Pop genre, Ricky Martin is a singer, author, and actor from Puerto Rico. He is nicknamed the King of Latin Pop due to his style of music, performance, and influence on many people. With over 70 million albums sold, Ricky Martin is also one of the best selling artists of all time in Latin music. Catch a live performance of Ricky Martin by purchasing your Ricky Martin American Express Presale tickets now. Before he became a pop star, Ricky Martin was a member of the all-boy pop band called Menudo. He first performed in the band at the age of 12 which marked the beginning of his career as an artist.


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Ricky Martin is among those most influential artists of all time. He began his solo career in the year 1991 and became one of the best artists of all time. “The Cup of Life” which is a song from the album Vuelve released in the year 1998 was performed by Ricky Martin in the year 1999 at the 41st Annual Grammy Awards show. This epic performance of his turned out to be a catalyst for the Latin pop music to come forward on the U.S. music scene. Get your Ricky Martin Ticketmaster Presale tickets now at www.pre-sale-tickets.com



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Ricky Martin born Enrique Martin Morales was born on December 24, 1971, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His fifth studio album titled Ricky Martin was released on May 11, 1999. The album was Ricky Martin’s first English sung album making it to this date, his best- selling album. This particular album also sold over 15 million copies. Catch Ricky Martin perform in your city live by purchasing your Ricky Martin Citi Presale tickets. 


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Some of the studio albums released by Ricky Martin include Me Amaras, Vuelve, A Medio Vivir, Sound Loaded, Life, Almas del Silencio and A Quien Quiera Escuchar. Apart from his musical career, Ricky Martin also played roles in certain movies and crime stories. Ricky Martin Amex Presale tickets can now be obtained from www.pre-sale-tickets.com


Like every famous artist, Ricky Martin’s childhood influences include artists like Celia Cruz, Gilberto Santa Rosa, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Cher, Elvis Presley, Daniel Day-Lewis and Sting. You can now get your Ricky Martin Presale tickets along with Ricky Martin Presale Code to watch him perform some of his hit singles. You may also like Riverdance.



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