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What happens when you combine a horror movie and a heavy metal music enthusiast? That’s right; you get Rob Zombie, a heavy metal enthusiast, and horror movie lover. Rob Zombie was also the founder of the band White Zombie which is a heavy metal band. Rob Zombie is a musician and a filmmaker as well who directed the American horror film, The Devil’s Reject and Halloween. After disbanding his band White Zombie, Rob Zombie went on to pursue his solo career. His first solo effort was a song called Hands of Death (Burn Baby burn) in collaboration with Alice Cooper. Purchase your Rob Zombie American Express Presale tickets to watch his live performances.


Rob Zombie’s first solo song which was in collaboration with Alice Cooper was nominated at the 39th Grammy Awards for Best Metal Performance. Rob Zombie after disbanding with his band White Zombie began working on his solo career. In August 1998, Rob Zombie released his debut solo album called Hellbilly Deluxe which sold over three million album copies worldwide spawning 3 singles. After the release of his first solo album, Rob Zombie released his second album called The Sinister Urge in the year 2000. The album received platinum making it Rob Zombie’s second platinum album in the U.S. To watch him perform some of the songs from this album, get your Rob Zombie Ticketmaster presale tickets from



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Fans of Rob Zombie can get their Rob Zombie Fan Club Presale tickets to watch him perform live. You can also obtain your Rob Zombie Citi Presale tickets whenever he performs in your city. Educated Horses which was released in the year 2006 entered the Billboard 200 top ten lists. This was Rob Zombie’s third album to be on the Billboard 200 charts.  Rob Zombie Amex Presale tickets can be obtained from our website to see him perform some of his hit singles. 


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Some of the bands and artists Rob Zombie has played with include White Zombie, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Ozzy Osbourne, Gang of Souls, Powerman 5000 and Scum of the Earth. To see Rob Zombie perform with other bands and artists, obtain your Rob Zombie Presale tickets along with Rob Zombie Presale Code now.



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