Roger Hodgson
Roger Hodgson

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Charles Roger Pomfret Hodgson was born in 1950 as an English musician, singer, and songwriter. He has been actively performing since the year 1969 and has grown stronger than ever in the present times.


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Roger Hodgson has collaborated with the likes of Gym Class Heroes, Ringo Starr, Supertramp, and Argosy. He has worked with many record labels like Universal, Eagle Vision and A&M. Being a songwriter, he has written lyrics and stayed true to his words. His writings often evoke a meaningful form of expression on various topics ranging from spirituality to philosophy. 

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Roger Hodgson is a very successful composer and songwriter who was on his “Breakfast In America tour” conducted on a global scale. His band comprises of the following members with his well-defined roles. There is Aaron Mac Donald who worked with instruments such as Saxophones, Harmonica, keyboard. Next is the drummer who is Bryan Head along with Kevin Adamson again as the pianist and David J Carpenter who controls the bass. All of them are the backup singers as well except Bryan whose solely on the drums. You may also like watching Deadmau5 or Beth Hart.


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