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We all have room for the soul and some good old jazz music and to turn towards that direction we can think the legendary Sade. Sade has contributed so much to the evolution of jazz music over the decades with her old soul tone. You can watch her live by purchasing the Sade Ticketmaster Presale Tickets and Sade Citi Presale Tickets now.


Sade has been present in the music scene since the 80s and has graced us with some iconic songs that will always dwell with our ears. She has changed the game in the Jazz scene and has garnered all the popularity it deserved. You can watch her by getting the Sade Amex Presale Tickets and Sade American Presale Tickets from our website.



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Sade was born in Ibadan, Colony, and Protectorate of Nigeria on 16th January 1959. Sade is an English musician and a songwriter who also is an actress and enjoys being in front of the camera. She is the vocalist of the eponymous band. She was a popular fashion designer and also modeled before she poured into the music scene.


In 1983, She founded the band "Sade" and signed with the label Epic Records. The group released their album titled "Diamond Life" in 1984, which did a great number and they achieved massive success. The album was one of the best during that era and also ended up being the best debut selling album by an English female musician. 


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The band released their next album titled "Promise" in 1985, which achieved success and charted by securing the top spot in the UK. The album also secured the top spot on the Billboard Hot 200 and attained quadruple times Platinum in the US. The album also attained Platinum certification in Europe. The group also earned a Grammy Award for the category of Best New Artist back in 1986. The band also released other albums which also achieved success.


Sade has also been in some popular tours, and some of them include "Diamond Life Tour," "Promise Tour," "Stronger Than Pride," "Love Deluxe World Tour," "Lovers Rock Tour", and "Sade Live". You can watch them live by getting the Sade Fan Club Presale Tickets to gain access to the Sade Presale Tickets and Sade Presale Code. You may also like Slipknot or Snoop Dogg.



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How to get Sade presale tickets?

You can get Sade presale tickets on



How much are Sade presale tickets?

Sade presale tickets start at $52 and average $236. The highest presale ticket price is $709.



When is the Sade presale?

The Sade presale starts on Tuesday and ends Thursday.



What is the Sade presale code?

The Sade presale code is CSGE76.



What is the Sade American Express presale code?

The Sade American Express presale code is 867563781.



What is the Sade fan club presale code?

The Sade fan club presale code is FC9765.



What is the Sade Ticketmaster presale code?

The Sade Ticketmaster presale code is TM974225.



What is the Sade Live Nation presale code?

The Sade Live Nation presale code is LN8544.



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The Sade Chase presale code is C875424.



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The Sade Citi presale code is VCFD826.