Scotty McCreery
Scotty McCreery

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Thousands of people have walked, sang, and performed on the prestigious stage of American Idol. However, this country singer not only sang and performed but took away the grand prize as well by winning the 10th season of the reality singing Television show in 2011. He directed his singing at radio shows at an early age to raise money and funds for sick children and has always looked up to the likes of Elvis Presley, who is one of his greatest influences in music and went on to pick up the guitar at 9 or 10 years old. You can watch him sing live on stage by purchasing tickets at Scotty McCreery American Express Presale Tickets and Scotty McCreery Ticketmaster Presale Tickets.

His voice never fails to remind any listener what country music feels and sounds like. Ever since he had won the American Idol back in 2011, McCreery has released albums of his own under different labels. The country singer also has several achievements under his belt, such as topping the country billboard charts in 2018 without the aid of a record label. Hear this amazing talent sing by getting tickets from Scotty McCreery Citi Presale Tickets and Scotty McCreery Amex Presale Tickets.

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McCreery released his debut album in 2011 titled 'Clear as Day” selling more than 197,000 copies on its debut week and occupied the number 1 spot at five different billboards charts- Billboard 200, Top Country Album, Internet Albums, Top Current Albums, and Digital Albums. 

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He has also covered holiday classics in his Album "Christmas with Scotty McCreery," which was released in 2012, selling 5000 copies in the first week itself. He has also performed alongside The Band Perry and Brad Paisley in 2012.  His second album, "See You Tonight" was released on October 15, 2013. The song "See you tonight" from the album of the same was the first of his songs to reach the top 10 on billboard's hot country song chart. His latest work from 2015-present includes tracks like 'Southern Belle", his departure from the label Mercury, Performing in the later seasons of American Idol.

McCreery also went on to write the book "Go Big or Go Home," which was released in 2016, which is essentially a memoir about his life's fondest and specific memories. In 2017 he then went on to sign a deal with Triple Tigers Records and went out to produce more country music. Catch him performing live on stage by getting tickets from Scotty McCreery Fan Club Presale Tickets and Scotty McCreery Presale Tickets to gain access to Scotty McCreery Presale Code. You may also like watching Bon Iver or Blue Rodeo.

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