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Slayer has definitely been slaying the metal game in the music business for years with its emphasis on Thrash metal music. The band has been rocking it out since the 80s and hasn't stopped since then. They go down in history as one of the well-renowned bands to have produced metal music for the hardcore hungry fans. You can watch them live by getting the Slayer American Express Presale Tickets and Slayer Amex Presale Tickets now.


Slayer's music and artworks always have deep-rooted messages pertaining to a lot of dark things in life, and that is what the fans enjoy. They are known for their hardcore music and how they have cemented themselves in the industry with their own creative pursuits. You can get the Slayer Ticketmaster Presale Tickets and Slayer Citi Presale Tickets on our website.



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Slayer originated from Huntington Park, California, the United States in 1981. The group was founded by Kerry King who was the guitarist, Jeff Hanneman who was also the guitarist, Dave Lombardo who was the drummer, and Tom Araya who was the vocalist as well as the bassist in 1981. Paul Bostaph, who was the drummer and Gary Holt who was the guitarist, also joined and finalized the band. 


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Most of the lyrics and artwork of the band was written and created by Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman. Their songs and album artwork would touch on various sensitive subjects of society. This led to numerous religious and other groups to file lawsuits and protests against the band. The industry consists of younger bands who look up to their work for inspiration.


The band has released over 12 studio-based albums, two albums consisting of live vocals, Two Eps, and a box set. The band's third album titled "Reign In Blood" released in 1986 was heavily rated with positive feedback as the album used heavy elements of thrash metal. The band has over four albums that have been certified as Gold under RIAA. You may also like The Illusionists or The Killers.


The group has received over five nominations for the Grammys and has won one back in 2007. They won the Grammy for the track called "Eyes of the Insane". The group also won again in 2008 for the track "Final Six" from their studio album "Christ Illusion". You can watch them perform live by getting the Slayer Fan Club Presale Tickets and Slayer Presale Tickets to gain access to the Slayer Presale Code.



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