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Sugarland is an excellent band from the scene of country music. The duo has highlighted country music in the music industry by delivering beautiful hits with some of the best lyrical content in their music that the country fans especially their fans enjoy whole-heartedly. You can get the Sugarland Ticketmaster Presale Tickets and Sugarland American Express Presale Tickets now.


Sugarland does live up to their name because they bring nothing but sweetness to the country scene and embellishes a ray of light the country genre deserves in the entertainment industry. They have sung and released some of the best classics since the 2000s in country music. You can get the Sugarland Amex Presale Tickets and Sugarland Citi Presale Tickets from our website.



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Sugarland originated from Douglas, Georgia, United States in 2002. Sugarland is an American duo band specializing in the musical genre of Country. The members of the group consist of Jennifer Nettles as the lead vocalist and Kristian Bush as the vocalist and guitarist who also plays the Mandolin. They are both singers who also write their own songs. 


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Sugarland originally consisted of three members, where the third member was Kristen Hall who was a vocalist and a guitarist. Kristen Hall left the group after the release of their first studio album and the band became a duo instead of a trio. The duo had also associated with artists in the likes of Billy Pilgrim and Soul Miner’s Daughter.


The duo has released over four studio-based albums as well as one festive Christmas album. They also released a live based album. The duo has achieved number one hits singles such as “Want To” and the very popular “Already Gone”. Some of those hit singles are also “Settlin’” and also the popular hit “It Happens”. The band also released a hit single titled “Already Gone”, which became an instant country hit.


The group’s albums attained a Platinum certification and even higher under RIAA. Both members went on a hiatus to pursue solo careers but reunited back in 2017 for another album which is titled “Bigger” under Big Machine Records.


The duo has toured during their career as a band. You can also watch them live by purchasing the Sugarland Fan Club Presale Tickets to gain access to the Sugarland Presale Tickets and Sugarland Presale Code. You may also like Trisha Yearwood or Trolls Live.



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