The Illusionists
The Illusionists

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Get ready to witness one of the world's most famous magic shows provided by mystic professionals. The Illusionists will leave your jaws hanging open with their varied magic shows from mind-reading to escape artists. Get The Illusionists American Express presale tickets and The Illusionists Ticketmaster presale tickets now before they disappear magically. With The Illusionists presale code, you can witness the magical happenings for yourself.



What Are The Illusionists?

Formed in 2012 by Tim Lawson and Simon Painter, The Illusionists is a magic show with various cast magicians, all specialized in one field or the other. It is a touring magic show featuring astonishing acts and performances by the experts. 


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Tours and Appearances of The Illusionists

The magic show production group has their own Broadway show. They are always on international tours with stops that last for one to four days. During their time, the team has toured multiple countries and performed numerous live shows leaving their audience in breathless awe and wonder.


The Illusionists are scheduled to perform across the states in America for its 2019 and 2020 seasons. Their stops include the San Diego Civic Theatre, Detroit's Fox Theatre, Pittsburgh's Heinz Hall, and the National Theatre in Washington D.C. The group is also scheduled to make an appearance on Broadway at Neil Simon Theatre in 2015.


The Broadway performance at the Marriott Marquis Theatre in 2014 was considered one of the top-grossing production. The following Broadway performance at the Neil Simon Theatre in 2015 ranked in the top 6 as the top-grossing Broadway production. The 2016 Broadway show at the Shaftesbury Theatre, London, amassed over one million GBP in a single week.


The Illusionists have also aired on several T.V. shows such as NBC's Today with the performance of Adam Trent and Jeff Hobson in 2015, NBC Hour-Long TV Special (2015), and The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2016 featuring Adam Trent performing two mind-blowing illusions in the studio. He also performed a trick with a blender and the guest D.J.'s iPhone. You may also like City and Colour or Lauren Daigle.



The Illusionists Presale

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