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U2 Presale | U2 Presale Tickets | U2 Presale Code | U2 American Express Presale


Regardless of whether a person is a fan of rock or not, everyone must have heard of U2 at one point. If not, you must have heard of the members Bono, Adam Clayton, the Edge, and Larry Mullen Jr. With tours after tours, do not miss your chance to get U2 presale tickets at pre-sale-tickets.com.


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U2 is an Irish rock band that came to be in 1976 with a more or less post-punk sound, which went through some evolution in the coming years. However, the main vocalist, Bono’s voice, and the distinctive guitar style of the lead guitarist help in keeping their style familiar even after going through a lot of changes. 

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The lyrics which U2 writes voices their concerns on politics and societal events. They gain inspiration from religion and have several Christian and spiritual themed songs under their name. It is plain to see that they put a lot of effort into expressing themselves through their music, songs, and lyrics. This value sets them apart from other artists.


U2 has collaborated and worked with the likes of Tina Turner, Kirk Franklin, R. Kelly, Mary J. Blige, William Gibson, Allen Ginsberg, and Kendrick Lamar. They have portrayed themselves as a live band and do not disappoint with their live performances. Many people fight for the U2 concert and tour tickets. We may have U2 Fan Club presale tickets along with U2 presale codes. Get them from pre-sale-tickets.com. You may also like Radiohead.


The list of awards and nominations of U2 goes on and on. They have won a total of 116 awards in their lifetime and do not show any signs of stopping. They have won 22 Grammy awards and also two Golden Globe Awards. American Music Awards have nominated them a total of ten times, and they even won one of them for Artist of the year in 2002.


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