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Wicked Presale | Wicked Presale Tickets | Wicked Presale Code | Wicked American Express Presale


In case you have not heard about the band called Wicked, here is a picture that will help you. Imagine the extravagance of KISS mixed with the impeccable style and swagger of Alice Cooper. What can go wrong with this combination? Nothing! You can get to see the theatrical performances of this rack band by purchasing Wicked presale tickets.


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Wicked presale tickets at pre-sale-tickets.com


Inspired heavily by the 70’s rock scene and music, Chad Michael and Danny Doll joined forces with JP Clubs and Scotty V to form the perfect reincarnation of old school rock. They do not disappoint the fans with their incredible live performances. Pre-sale-tickets.com offers Wicked Ticketmaster presale tickets to give you a chance to watch them perform their best songs and then some.


All the band members help in writing their songs. The members Chad Michael and Danny Doll are brothers. They are in charge of the singing and bass respectively. The drummer Gunnar and Scotty V on the guitar equally contribute towards writing as well as composing their songs. We may have some Wicked Citi presale tickets and Wicked Amex presale tickets on pre-sale-tickets.com.


This band perfectly portrays the image of the distinct style of 70’s rock. They take their music and form very seriously, with all the costumes and hair on point, as well as the proper old school rock and roll style of music. They have garnered a lot of fans while performing on the same stage as Guns N’ Roses and even Korn. Lucky fans might get the limited Wicked Fan Club presale tickets.


Wicked stays true to 70’s rock with nicknames assigned to each member: Chad Michael is known as the queen of hearts, Danny Doll as the ace of spades, Scotty V as the jack of diamonds, and Gunnar as the joker. This band keeps their genuine with Glam and rock and roll.

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